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Team Training

Tried exercise classes before? Well, you’ve not tried exercise classes the way we do them at SC Vital. Just like our ​personal training, ​our team training is geared up so it has a far more personal (not to mention fun) approach to working out in a group.

Team training typically takes place in bigger groups than the personal sessions, which gives an even greater opportunity to push yourself harder, and – much more importantly – get to bond with other SC Vital members.

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Here’s a rundown of what we offer:

Movement Enhanced (MOVE)

Movement Enhanced. The goal of this new session is to perform bodyweight and light weighted exercises through full range of motion. The benefits are endless! Moving well and often has a positive effect on joint health, blood flow and lays a solid foundation on which to build strength and achieve fat loss.


Back by popular demand! We all know cardiovascular exercise is great for the heart and health. FIT (Fitness Individually Tailored) is a low impact cardio workout that is suitable for absolutely everyone. You will use the Myzone heart rate tracking system to work to your own ability and towards your individual goals. Supercharge your engine with these sessions, that are the perfect compliment to personal training and Metcon, if you want to increase your work capacity.

Metabolic Conditioning (Met-Con)

Metabolic conditioning, weighted exercise with a sprinkle of cardio. Short rest intervals will ensure you get the highest bang for your buck caloric burn, whilst maintaining strong technique and posture. Short, sharp and programmed to ensure you will complete an effective dose of weighted work to maintain strength and work on your engine, in a short period of time.


Online recovery flow coming straight to your living room. We’ve even got you covered on a rest day with this 30 minute mobility session. The best way to recover, build and maintain mobility is to move. As the saying goes, motion is the lotion!

What does this all mean for you?

Despite the bigger group setting (6-12), team training sessions are still suited to all ability levels, and the competition is definitely friendly. (We have a strict ‘No death stares’ policy!)

Even those who’ve maybe felt a little intimidated about working with others, frequently say that the team trainings each week are by far and away their favourite bit, as they get to burn calories, boost their strength and stamina, and hang out with the SC Vital community at the same time.

Our 30-day trial offers unlimited access to all our team training sessions, as well as 8 small group PT sessions, nutritional guidance, a comprehensive movement assessment, and an SC Vital goody bag.

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