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Personal Training

The personal training you’ll find at SC Vital is ​not​ the same as the personal training you’d get at your local big box or council-run gym. We could sit here and write for hours about how every member of our team has extensive knowledge, years of experience, and a host of diverse qualifications. But actually, what we’d rather talk about is their approach to training.

So... What makes us different?

Our Foundation Transformation 6 week course

Our 6 week course gives a great chance to experience this form of personal training, and get stuck in, without having to dive straight in at the deep end. Not just that, but as a 6 week member, you’ll also receive:

24 Sessions

24 varying sessions,​ from strength, to movement to fitness, meaning you can ​properly​ try them out, and see if they’re for you, rather than having to make a decision after just one session. Most of the training our members do is in our group personal training format, where one coach leads 2-6 members through a session at any one time.

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition Guidance. ​At SC Vital, we’re big on nutrition. But not in the sense that we’re going to stop you from eating all your favourite treats, ban carbs, or even make you give up the booze. We have a very flexible approach, and want all our members to feel good about food, and eat what they enjoy, whilst getting results they love.

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