Your training programme.

June 5th 2015



A training programme is something that can develop your fitness in order for you to achieve your goals, it has to be progressive in nature with an element of an overload for you and your particular goal.

Why do you need a programme?
 A good programme is well worth the investment and can elevate your fitness journey at a faster rate, over those without proper programming or those not willing to invest in their health.

What do you need to look for?
1.    It is to be designed, so that you can achieve your goal. (Be it Fat loss, Strength gains or fitness)

2.    It is to be a reflection of the meeting you had with your trainer? (Make sure the trainer listens and it is not a generic cookie cutter programme)

3.    It is to be designed to work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths? (Your consultation is to be a rehab overview, to indicate any issues that need to be ironed out in the patterning phase (GPP))

“Your programme should be what you need and not necessarily what you want”

Most of the clients who attend a consultation for a new or continued fitness journey are after fat loss or strength gains. With that in mind, the trainer should look at weaknesses/strengths in order to produce a programme to cater for what the client needs.

“As this should take priority over what they want.”

What does this mean…??

The trainer is there to ensure they get you as an individual and understand the process of programming

The programme is not to be designed to thrash you until your eyes bleed.

The programme should not be set around a goal that can’t be achieved . (Take the goals one step at a time)

Most importantly the plan needs to be formed on what you need and not necessarily on what you want.


The coach/trainer should do the following:
1. Assess you for your weaknesses.
2. Talk about your aim and how often you would like to workout
3. Take into account your nutritional needs

If all of this is taken into account and you/they do this and adhere to it, you will eventually get what you want..
be it weight loss or strength gains…

My top 4 things to look for from Trainer/Coach.
1.    If you’re not assessed, you can’t progress.
2. The first phase should be General preparation (patterning the correct movements)
3. The trainer should work back from your goal (Look to your future, without messing up the present)
4. A warm up should be created around your weaknesses (If your warm up is 20 mins on a x-trainer and nothing else, your trainer is an idiot.)

The secret is out and you all have an idea about what you need from your programme/trainer, so why not make it your mission to get some balls and question what your programme is for and how you are going to reach your goal?

If your trainer is really there to help, they will have it covered.
Just like the lads and lasses at … guess where..??