your diet sucks

July 2nd 2017



How many of you have tried different ways of eating, just to see what works, but none of them do…huh..?

You must by now be tired of listening to the media and all the social media experts on which diet is best, paleo, high carb, low carb etc…

It drives us nuts..! (not f**king paleo nuts!)

The thing is your eating regime (not diet!) doesn’t have to be over complicated.

The best diet to lose weight is by simplifying what you eat. In fact, at SC Vital Fitness, we can show you how to lose weight without dieting at all.

And this is why it won’t fail..

The key thing missing from most diet regimes, is that they don’t take into account YOUR lifestyle

Take it from me, you need to do the following: ​

  • STOP Counting calories (all the time!)
  • STOP giving yourself treat/cheat meals, you are not a DOG
  • STOP trying out FADS

>>Routine and portion control is the key.<<

​If you follow some simple steps and nail the first 4 weeks like the plate below, then you may start to get in shape.


  • You will poo more regularly and who doesn’t love a good POO


  • You will maintain a healthy weight without being obsessed


  • Your Clothes will fit better


  • Your SEX DRIVE will increase – Woop Woop!!


  • You will have a more restful night’s sleep


  • You will be happier


  • You will stop taking pharmacy meds


  • You won’t become a diabetic


  • You will see your kids grow old

The fact of the matter is that you are now at the point of wondering what to do next.

You can either continue down the same path, getting fat and miserable or you can START making some better choices for your plate.


Sean Cole
Training Director ​
​SC Vital Fitness 

P.S – We do know some of you won’t want to do this on your own, so if you want a bit of help, just pop your questions below 

P.P.S – I answer all comments and e-mails, im a bit of a geek like that.