You don’t need to diet to lose fat

May 26th 2017


Apparently you don’t need to exercises to lose fat..?

I’m not joking and i’m sure that many of you have seen these claims on the marketing scams that are out there in the industry…

Usually with the picture of a an under dressed model, stating it is all they used…. yeh right..

Listen my little cherubs, trying to lose body fat without exercise is like throwing up downwind on a boat….it will come straight back at you and make you feel worse… #truth

>>This is what you really need to achieve FAT LOSS

1. Aerobic Exercise
2. Progressive weight training
3. Proper nutrition
4. Motivation
5. A good trainer

>>I get it, this doesn’t sound as easy as taking a magic pill to solve all the worries about your wobbly bits….but it is a harsh truth…<<

You will also need to be in a slight calorie deficit (200-300 calories) this does not include a shake diet that gives you a deficit of 1200 calories….sure it will work, but so will drinking just plain water and that is free….duh..!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all the nutrients you need are in a shake,..!

For the best FAT LOSS, follow these simple rules..

1. Exercise decreases the body’s stores of glycogen (the energy carbs turn into). Glycogen is stored in your body’s muscles. When you exercise you deplete these levels, rather than be stored as fat.

2. Exercise is beneficial to your health. Dieting is detrimental to your health.

3. Exercise increases fat burning. Dieting destroys fat burning hormones.

4. Exercise, specifically weight training, signals the body to hold onto muscle and not to use it for energy. If you do not train with weights you can become skinny fat, meaning you will struggle to lose fat long term…

5. Exercise will increase your metabolic rate. Dieting will decrease your metabolic rate.

6. Exercise will allow you to create a calorie deficit without triggering the body into “starvation mode”.

TOP TIP: If someone tries to sell you diet shakes or pills that don’t have an equal emphasis on everything required for your fitness goals (Real food, Correct programming etc..) tell them that you would rather they stick their head up their arse.


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

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