write this down

May 31st 2017


What a film that was…

Hacksaw Ridge..

The plot was based around a guy that rescued 75 people from being slaughtered by the Japanese after the yanks retreated..

The thing is the Commanding Officer thought that everyone had died and there was no way they could take the position back.

“Just forget about them” he said..

It was heart breaking to watch….

The thing is, because this soldier didn’t forget his purpose in life and his comrades, they were able to storm the mountain and take it back from the Japanese…

I am more than positive if he had not bothered to rescue his mates, they would have lost everyone and morale would have hit an all-time low.

But he didn’t forget…..did he..?

So then, what would happen if you forgot your purpose in life and started forgetting things..?
If you don’t write things down…

I’m not saying you might not resuce 75 mates and you will die, I’m saying that you won’t make progress…

Top Tip…
Write things down, record the weights you lift or don’t lift..This is so you can see how much progression or your lack of progression..
Record what you eat for 3 days…This will show you why you have wobbly bits, be honest and record everything.
Use a training diary…So you can write how the session went, good or bad.
If you stick to these rules and write down what you have done or not done, your progress will be massive, just like the clients here at SC Vital Fitness Personal Training….


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

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