work hard? no results?

April 14th 2017



Do you ask yourself this?

How come i work hard and don’t get results?”

I get it…the gym is not working for you, the chunky bits are still chunky around your love handles/muffin top and life still feels the same.

You started the New Year with good intentions and thought if I Join a gym, if I hire a personal trainer, I can then eventually move towards my goal of getting toned, lean etc

But it didn’t work…why…?

Was it your Trainer.. ?

Was it your lack of consistency..?

Was it your adherence to the programme..?

>>Or have you got a case of lazyarseitis and you need a kick up the arse..?

So then watch gonna do about it..?

Here is a little strategy that will help when you get back into the swing of things and want to start losing weight again.

It’s all about when, not if…

**Lemme exsplaineth…….

If I go to the gym, I will lose weight

If I adhere to the programme, I will get toned
If I eat crap I will put on fat.


Replace IF, with WHEN..

When I go to the gym I will lose weight

When I adhere to the programme, I will get toned
When I eat crap I get fat
This applies in everything you do, not just in the gym, but in life…positive notions or words will motivate you from the inside.

Your personal trainer will do the rest..
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Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

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