Why YOU should not be coached at this facility..

April 27th 2015


Next week we will yet again implement some more fantastic coaching at this facility…

But you know there are some people i don’t want at this facilty.

And that is if you…

Want a magic wand you can wave that will bring strength gains or ripped abs.
(I.e You want results but don’t want to put in the work)

Want super secret “ninja tricks”

Are intending on joining for 1 month and then jumping onto the next fad
(You aren’t willing to invest in a lifestyle)

Are just “kinda sorta” interested in changing how you train, eat, sleep
(if you want me to be interested, you have to be committed.)

Ask for a process to change and don’t follow it up with hard work

Think its “expensive” (its only on average £7 per day, plus its an investment in your life/future, therefore not an expense, if you don’t know the difference go elsewhere..

Tend to moan, whine and complain (high maintenance)

Think you already know it all..

Right then…

Coaching is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, we don’t butter people up, or sugar coat our training and we are brutally honest,

so if you are up for a challenge and really want to change, we are for you….

So my sisters from another mister and my brothers from another mother

if you fit the above, let someone else get in touch, if not then bring YOUR A game here:


Sean (Brutally honest) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

If you want results, you know how….


We are the only TRUE S & C Facility in PORTSMOUTH
and we pride ourselves by having the only accredited
S&C Coaches in the area…

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