Why only 25% of Gym users (YOU) get RESULTS

May 23rd 2019


I hear ya, I own a gym and I’m saying that only 25% of people in the gym, get a result


That is ludicrous and not great for the business you knucklehead!

Well yes and no, if they did get a result, they wouldn’t come and see us… 😉

The thing is, it is so common for prospective clients to contact us at SC Vital Fitness and tell us that no matter how hard they try in the gym (or on their own), they don’t seem to get a result, be it fat loss or strength.

They ask … “What’s the problem, what’s the secret to this RESULT”

There isn’t one…

Do we have all the answers – NOPE

But I can let you have a few ideas as to why it is not working for you, because of things you are NOT doing.

This sounds harsh, BUT It’s no one else’s fault but YOUR own.


The following two things are what you need to think about when you next hit the gym.

Intensity – How much effort do you put in, is there enough weight on the bar, is there too much weight on the bar, how long are you resting, is it too much or not enough?

Consistency – If you are consistent in everything you will get a result –

i.e if you consistently overeat shit food you will get fat,

if you consistently workout 3-4 x per week with the right INTENSITY you will get in shape.

The thought process is all about a quick fix and this can be achieved to a degree, as long as you are consistent and work with intensity.

s*** I let out a secret!

If you have any questions, let me know