Why have i hit a plateau?

July 21st 2019




What a crock of SHIT (He was talking)


I overheard this in Tesco (weekly shop)


“I am training sssssooooo hard, eating less and am still not in the shape I want!”


My PT said, “Do more…”


“The thing is I already go 5 x per week and eat really well”


Let me tell you, this woman looked in great shape and did not need to do more.


The thing the general train of thought for everyone who plateaus or hits a stalemate in their training is to do more.


But what about doing less?


Are you doing too much?


I get it, you’re pissed off that training is not going right, the weight has stagnated, you feel tired and down some of the time.


You think “what the hell is going on, I work so hard!!”


There are a multitude of reasons that your fitness journey has stalled


But, I’m gonna give you one thing to think about, that might make a difference


Current research by Kellman et al (2019) Looked at how recovery should be programmed as an integral component of training. In other words, doing less not more.


What they found was psychological problems are frequently related to under-recovery…, 


…therefore the integration of efficient RECOVERY routines appears to be a buffer against psychological problems such as BURNOUT and depression.


Take it from us, if you want to stay in shape, not just in your body, but in your mind, do less.