whats the problem?

May 10th 2017


What is the problem..?
So then, you have tried to smash the gym since January and you can’t see results, the wobbly bits are still wobbling around, your love handles/ muffin top are still there, life is good, but your pissed off that you don’t look good naked..?
So maybe it’s time to look at a personal trainer, someone who can take you to the next level, so you think to yourself, “how am I gonna pick one..?”
They all seem the same, don’t they..?
So you think “I’ll dip my toe in and get my feet wet..”
Here’s the thing, if you jump in a puddle, you will get your feet wet, the same goes if you jump in an Olympic swimming pool, but the outcome will be different..
**So, what should look for…?**
1. Credibility – You want someone who walks the walk
2. Personality – You want someone who won’t bore you to death
3. Passion – speaks for itself
4. Consultation – if they don’t assess they guess, run a mile..!!
Lemme exsplaineth 
Not all Personal Trainers/Coaches are the same, all of them can get your feet wet, but many of them are puddles…..
Top Tip – pick a swimming pool..


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

P.S – This is not a conclusive list, but is something we should all think about when we want to progress, lose weight, get lean and feel awesome…