what you should eat to live longer

January 10th 2017



​What a disaster (so some people thought), I put up a video of my breakfast the other day..

A breakfast of glrorious proportions that was nutritious and full of yummy goodness…

What was the problem..?

It was bacon and eggs, with a  bit of black pudding..mmmm! Cooked in coconut oil (saturated fat)

This is when the keyboard warrior started his opening gambit..

“I think what you have posted is irresponsible, don’t you know that all that saturated FAT is bad for you..!”

I wont tll you the rest, i can’t even be arsed to tell you what else he put, however, It got me thinking of what kind of message is out there and why are so many people avoiding something that we need for normal everyday function.

Is it mis-information from their Personal Trainers..?

Is it the media and their take on what is healthy and what is not..?

What ever it is, it is all BS..!

Lemme Explaineth…

We all need saturated fat..?

So here are a few reasons why bacon and eggs are good. (in moderation)
Cardiovascular benefits..

If you consume the right amount, it can reduce the levels of lipoprotein, a BIG risk factor for heart disease. (No drugs or secret pills can do this). This will increase your chance of living a healthy life and limit your risk of hear disease.

Bone Health

Even though we need calcium for our bones, saturated fat is great for strong bones as it helps the calcium absorb. We often see women/men who go on low fat diets by reducing their saturated fat and replacing it with processed oils like vegetable and canola, it is then that they have later onset of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

Optimal for liver health

Saturated fats are the rulers when it comes to optimal liver function and protecting the liver from medicines/ALCOHOL that harm etc. (Why do you think your greasy kebab works for your hang over!! (this is a joke for all those keyboard warriors out there!)

Lung function

The lungs are coated in a slippy substance to help with function, guess what that slippy substance is…? Yep, you guessed right, its saturated fat.. (the good stuff/fats)

Healthy Brain function

The brain is made up of a lot of saturated fat, if you stop ingesting these fats, the brain can lose its function to repair…(this may be why so many Personal Trainers who peddle low fat diets are stooopid, because they have improper brain function..#truth #rufflingfeathers

Nerve communication

“Certain saturated fats, particularly those found in butter, lard, coconut oil, and palm oil, function directly as signalling messengers that influence the metabolism, including such critical jobs as the appropriate release of insulin.” (They stop you getting FAT)

Immune system function

“Saturated fats found in butter and coconut oil (myristic acid and lauric acid) play key roles in immune health. Loss of sufficient saturated fatty acids in the white blood cells hampers their ability to recognize and destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Human breast milk is quite rich in myristic and lauric acid, which have potent germ-killing ability. But the importance of the fats lives on beyond infancy; we need dietary replenishment of them throughout adulthood, middle age, and into seniority to keep the immune system vigilant against the development of cancerous cells as well as infectious invaders.” – Dr Eades.

It is sad to see that so many companies/Personal Trainers push low fat diets on unsuspecting clients, just to make money out of a malnourished cleint, who loses weight quickly and looks good for a Personal Trainers page or instagram.

You are probabaly thinking to yourself, is this me, have i been duped…”If only every trainer was honest, i might just lose the weight that has crept up on me..

P.s Dont think it cant happen to you and dont be suprised if it does..

P.p.s if you have any comments, please leve them below, if you have any questions please ask and i will do my best to put you on the right course of action,,


Sean Cole
Training Director
​SC Vital Fitness