What the hell does no pain no gain mean..?

April 2nd 2017


It is the Bro way of saying “Don’t worry about the pain, Its just the ripping and repairing of the muscle, go through the pain bro”

I say that the bro or hoe, is talking crap…

Lemme explaineth..

If there is pain or bad movement during exercise, bodyweight or otherwise, the movement should be modified or stopped…..You should not go through the pain BRO..

Failure to stop when you have pain could result in using a compensation pattern, which in the long term will make the problem worse…. STOP LISTENING TO THE BRO..!

The thing is, if you get the right trainer who doesn’t like to feed his or her own EGO by making you lift more, to make them look good, your gains (or losses) will be what you need/want.

So, How do you know if it is the right trainer..?

This trainer (not a bro or hoe) will make sure that they regress or progress the exercise for your aim be it FAT LOSS or STRENGTH GAIN…

The trainer, will NOT continue to make you lift more weight to feed their ego and tell you that it is a confidence builder to make you feel good…(make them feel good!)

So what happens when you get injured from lifting and having shit form because your trainer likes to feed their EGO..?


Yep, that’s right, you get injured, cancel sessions and they get another unwitting client…

So what can you do about it..?

Find the right trainer, someone who holds you back a little and takes you on a journey (not a quick fix).

Take a look at this a link to a guy who has a sustainable weight loss and injury free journey… this is what i mean when it comes to the no BRO approach..

Want to know how we do it..? Come along and experience our Trial Run, we don’t do BRO’s..


Sean Cole
Training Director

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