October 1st 2015



If you are an aerobic/power endurance athlete who requires a great deal of power for your sport (Rugby, boxing, MMA, etc) and you implement strength training into your routine, it will give the body the added advantage of producing force at an increased rate,

And this enhanced force producing capability will in turn make you more efficient… BOOM!

This efficiency at producing force will also ensure that the demands placed on the heart and lungs are less taxing, giving you a distinct advantage over the other team/opponent.

With regards to the aerobic training and whether it will be detrimental to your strength gains, the answer is all dependant on how relative the strength is to your sport:

For example, if you are an Olympic lifter, it is not advantageous to conduct CV training as there is little requirement for you to use your aerobic energy system, it is a speed and power sport only.

However, if you are into MMA, Rugby, Wrestling etc you will need to have a certain degree of aerobic fitness for recovery and longevity in the latter stages of the game/fight;

Just ensure that you find a balance to ensure that you can be strong and aerobically fit relative to your sports demands.

Coach Sean (AKA Fitness Dad)