What is results based fitness..?

May 10th 2016



The last time i looked, everyone is still looking for
a quick fix, an easy way out, something that is
gonna make the journey of losing weight easy..

In our Book we have our philosophy
of how we create our programmes

(Free – i can email it if you want it)

There are so many quick fixes on the market
that surely one will work…won’t it..?
​Unfortunately, there isn’t one that does….#truth

If there was, we (yes all coaches) would be
taking this fix for some awesome gains…

But there isn’t…

The thing is the body is an awesome machine
that boggles the mind….

And You will need to apply a bit of science to what
you do for your result..

So what you gonna do…??

Hire a scientist..?


If you are looking for a result, you will need to
hunt down a coach or a personal trainer and
ask them to help..

If they try to offer you some secret pill
or magic shake…. go get someone else.

So what do you need to look for in order for you
to get a result that is inline with your goals..?

Look for a coach with a results based fitness philosophy

One that is going to base your result on your fitness

If you get fitter, in turn you will get leaner and stronger
and the 6 pack will be there for the summer

To that end the coach should do the following:

1. Track your progress (Resting HR, Anaerobic testing, gody fat, strength increases etc
2. Write you a programme to follow (don’t just make it up as they go along!)
3. Be contactable in your time of need

Hope this all makes sense and if you have any questions just
give me a shout and ill do my best to answer 

Or if you want, you can see how we do it on our 21 Kickstart course:

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Sean Cole
Head Coach