What is better than a 6 pack?

March 29th 2017


​In this modern era of vanity, everyone wants to get rid of the love handles or the muffin top and have a 6 pack or a skinny tummy


The thing is, that just means YOUR life and how you want to look, is all down to the perception in your head of what you think people want you to look like. 

Now then, not everyone can achieve this body beautiful, because lifestyle takes over and lets be honest a 6 pack is not sustainable for most and not great fun for anyone with any type of AWESOME personality… sorry Bro’s it’s true.

So then lads and ladies, what is better than a 6 pack or a slender tummy…?

1.    Having a life…shock horror..!

2.    Being sociable.

3.    Eating out and enjoying yourself.

Now, im not saying you need to take the p*ss and be out drinking every weekend until you can’t speak and then sitting in maccy d’s on a daily basis, im just saying, live a little.


You can work to become strong, yep, who doesn’tt want to survive the next zombie apocalypse..?

What do i mean..?

Listen, if you conduct body buidling type exercises and strive for a muscular 6 pack, you will recruit more slow twitch muscles, which makes you slow and the zombies will eat you.

But if you lift compound movemements with pace and lower reps, you will become strong and fast…(the 6 pack can be made in the kitchen if you are really that desperate..!)

The world of fitness has changed, STOP eating white fish and rice cakes, STOP obsessing and STOP being a boring c**t.

If you do the above, you will have a great life, you will de-stress and the body you want will come, maybe not in 5 weeks, maybe not in 10 weeks, but if you believe in the process, it will happen.



Sean Cole
Training Director

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