What is a CALORIE deficit?

July 16th 2019


What is a CALORIE deficit?


You hear it ssssssooooooooo much


Get yourself in a calorie deficit and your life will change…


…you will lose weight, you will be happier etc


So what is the secret?


Before I go into it, check this out first


A diet shake seller asked me this:


Scam artist – “What is it you do to lose weight for your powerlifting?”


Me – “8 weeks out I eat a little less (slight calorie deficit) and taper my training”


Scam artist – “You don’t need to do that on my product, I am NOT in a calorie deficit and I am still losing weight”




Lemme explaineth


A calorie can not be created or destroyed, it is a source of energy from food that can be changed to be used to keep you alive.


To lose weight/FAT It is simply the law of thermodynamics if you BURN MORE than you eat, you will lose weight.


If you EAT MORE than you burn, the surplus gets stored as glycogen (fuel) or fat in your body.


This is why I knew the diet shake seller was talking bull shit


I know what you’re thinking if I eat less, I’m gonna lose weight, so ultra low-calorie diets do work!?


Yes and NO


Of course, you will lose weight, BUT…


…the research based on 67 diet based studies, determined that the only way to lose weight/fat and stay in shape is to adopt a lifestyle and behaviour change or else it won’t work long term


This is why you could have a rebound effect, especially if you are one of those who succumb to the diet shake sellers/scam artists


Don’t do it…