What if NOT eating/drinking carbs made you FAT?

June 9th 2019


I feel fully qualified to talk about this after a gym night out on Saturday


The number of carbs I drank and ate would be enough to kill Brenda before her trip from the hairdressers to marbs (no carbs before marbs!)


It was a fantastic night and I had a great time with some of the community at SCVF


I know what you’re thinking, “how can someone who preaches about fitness, get pissed?”


Because I have a life and so should you


Lemme explaineth


Carbs are not the enemy, please stop listening to Brenda in the hairdressers, she has no clue


Brenda tells you that you should eliminate carbs to lose weight and she is right…


..kind off


Your weight will drop, but not one ounce of it will be body fat


You then get on holiday, drink porn star martinis and lick ice cream to death


Then all that water weight you lost (no carbs before marbs) piles back on


Now back to me and the night out, this is my first beer since my brothers wedding in December and it was awesome to socialise and enjoy the company of some awesome people


If you are like Brenda or Dave at the garage and do this every weekend, then you will  still be chunky come the summer (definitely before marbs!)


What should you do?


Enjoy life and socialise


Drink alcohol, but not every weekend


Stop listening to Brenda and Dave…


Don’t eliminate CARBS or you may STAY FAT