What happens if you are too rigid?

March 1st 2020


I love routine, it keeps me sane and in shape…
This is kinda true and may resonate with some of you

Have you ever been told the following:

You are too rigid

You plan too much

You need to take a chill pill

You need to relax a little bit

Stop worrying about being late

I get it…. all the time

….and I agree kind off…

Let me explain why I don’t agree all the time…

I am disciplined,

I work hard

I won’t settle for second best

I am striving to be a success

I am never late

I am driven by my love for my family

So then, If you think that this makes me rigid, someone who likes to plan, someone who wants the best for himself and his family, then I am that person.

I could be, ill-disciplined, I could cry every time it doesn’t go the way I didn’t plan, I could just be someone who doesn’t want to succeed.

Not me… I’d rather be the one who is disciplined and has a plan.

I plan my day, I plan my food (to a degree) I plan my life.

I plan to be the best i can be and to make my families life the best It can be,

I plan to stay in shape

What’s wrong with that…?

For me, planning your life and your day is the key to success

Not just in life, but in fat loss and strength gain…

…..top tip….If you don’t plan and have a lack of discipline, then prepare to fail at both
P.S – Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance
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