What does being insane mean?

February 2nd 2016


Insanity – Doing the same thing
over and over again, but expecting a 
different result

Are you one of these people..?

Doing the same thing over and over
again, but wanting a different result..?

Are you insane..?

I am always eating the same healthy things
but my body stays the same

Not true – Healthy is not sticking to points
on weight watchers, eating lettuce leaves
everyday or drinking diet shakes.

My gym routine is the same, 
but i don’t see the results

Sitting on the weights machine for 3 sets

of 10 reps and 20 minutes on the x-trainer is
not a routine that will give you results

I don’t have time, so ill do the same quick 10 minute
workout video, but i still can’t see results

Load of rubbish – if the president of the USA has
time to workout, so do you..

Right then, enough of the harsh comments

I get it, i have times when i wonder
what will work

Will i have time today?

Is my workout, gonna work me hard

is that cake a bit too much
over what i need… (Yep, im still eating cake)

But i keep moving forward
and take it little steps at a time

Making sure i evolve and grow

So then, it’s over to you

Are you gonna remain insane or are
you gonna evolve..?


​Sean Cole
Head Coach