What are the benefits of early morning workouts?

July 31st 2016



The truth of the matter is that not many of us like to get up early and
especially not for an early morning workout, it just doesn’t seem like fun.

But (there is always a big butt!) there are loads of benefits to getting
​up at the crack of dawn instead of having a fat crack like dawn
and heading to the gym.

**Check out these 4 reasons why, I think it’s a good idea**


​The biggest hurdle or excuse to why some people don’t work out, is time.

They just can’t fit it into their schedule. It is even harder if you have kids, ​work crap hours, or just love having too much beer on a school night.

The thing is, if you plan to get up in the morning and start your schedule from that point, you will have less excuses as to why you don’t workout…i.e tired from a long day at the office etc

It’s good for your brain

It has been proven for many years that exercise can increase
your focus and productivity at work, this is a good thing,
because if you increase your productivity, you will be seen
as hard working, you will get promoted and you will get
a raise (more money!)

The morning workout will wake you up and will keep you buzzing
​all day (as long as your post workout nutrition is on point).

It can be a more efficient way to shift the chunky bits

The workouts can be done in a fasted state, which may help you burn more fat (all other nutritional needs are to be met!)

And it may help you burn the excess calories more efficiently
​during your working day.

More Energy 

When you exercise your feel good hormones will improve your
mood and energy levels, which can be effective all day.

As a bonus, these early mornings may help you sleep better
​at night and keep you out of the pub!


Sean Cole
Head Coach