What a Journey..

June 15th 2015


I just thought i would let 
you guys know what can happen
if you persevere and put the work in….

It has taken around 16 months hard training
to get me back to a point, where i am

a competitive athlete and able to mix it with the
youngsters at a grand old age of 42..!

(I won the same title in 2009)

“No quick fix, no bullshit, just hard work..”

Just a quick question for you..?

So what kind of coach do you want…?

Coach 1

Someone who trains hard, 

is a double world champion

a world record holder…

Fully accredited S & C Coach (UKSCA)

All of the above…..?

Coach 2

Someone who trains hard,

is an ex professional footballer

has run 19 marathons

has completed a Deca-triathalon

Sports Science degree/Precision Nutrtion guru

All of the above…?

The lads and lasses at SC Vital Fitness

already have these coaches…

do you want in…??