What a fantastic weekend..

May 5th 2015


We (the coaches) met so many great people that

love to workout heavy, aim for goals and put their head above the parapet, by showing us all how its done and competing at some serious events at the Commando temple in London…

(Testing themselves with weights that would scare most of us!!)

Laurence Shahlaei​ was refereeing and decided put the weights up on the day, to make it a real strongman/woman event… 

(His words of wisdom of the day where, if its to light it might as well be crossfit, so lets add some tin to the bar…. oooosshhhh!)

We are so proud of the guys who competed from this facility

With Will Phillips winning the male 105kg and Helen hughes securing 2nd spot in the female u63 class…

SC Vital Fitness is going from strength to strength with not only athletes competing and winning competitions…we also have

a number of our other members dropping body fat and lifting weights, they never thought would be possible..

So if you’re thinking will getting strong be for me..??

The simple answer is YES…! 

Strong of mind 
(Discipline to eat the right food and be consistent with your training)

Strong of body
(Be prepared to push yourself, if you dont, it wont happen)

Strong of character
(When the body gives up, the mind has to take over and believe)

Thankyou to everyone, who supports the philosophy we adopt..

You are truly remarkable people…

I want a copy of that awesome 
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