What a DickSplash

August 10th 2015


So then, my trainer told me

to stay away from weights

and stick to CV kit to torch fat

especially if i stick in the fat burning zone..

If you stay in fat burning for around an hour

then conduct some hard arse interval training

on completion and eat around 1200 calories

you will burn fat…(Bullshit!!)

FML!! what a dicksplash….!

So then, are you the type of person

who goes to the gym and 

smashes your self to pieces

in the hope of losing weight..?

I hear ya..!

“if i smash my self in the gym,

i will lose all the extra weight

that i piled on over the holidays

or the extra weight from the weekend!” 

We tend to agree, that you need to

work hard to achieve an aim..

be it, strength, lose weight or just to get fit..

However, there is no need to smash yourself

on CV Kit every time your in the gym….!

Ie: – If you are in the gym for too long, without

the correct recovery and working in a calorie deficit,

you will end up making the body catabolic…
(Catabolic – Using muscle as a fuel source)

you may think, that’s not too bad, im
still losing weight…

Time to drop another Knowledge BOMB!!

Your muscles are the things that burn fat,

if you build muscle you will burn at least 6 calories

for every pound of muscle….

Where as fat burns around 2 calories for every

pound of fat….

The moral of the story, is,
you need to build muscle

Don’t be like the dicksplash who

tells his clients to smash themself on the

CV kit without any  thought to building muscle

or you will end up fighting a losing battle… #truth


​Sean (Love CV) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

Trust the process

believe in your coach

​but not if he/she is a dicksplash (see above!)