Weight Gain Can Increase the Risk Of Cancer

November 8th 2016



Many of your friends will want to know why you invest in your
Fitness and health, why do you go to the gym…?

There is no point in getting fit, you have one life
(a short one if you’re unhealthy)

So whats the point in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle..?
WHY should you do it..?
Every now and again we need to know the real reason
why we need to get fit and stay fit…..It is our why.
Why do we go to the gym and why do we look to eat better
than the average person..?

So I asked a few people at the gym, what is their why..?
My why is so I can be there for my kids.
My why is so I can still conduct bedroom Olympics with the missus.
My why is so I can stop being out of breath when I climb the stairs.
My why is so I can enjoy life to its fullest.
My why is so I can get a date.

It has been reported on numerous occasions that 
substantial weight gain over many years increases 
the risk of obesity-related cancers in men by 50 per cent 
and in women by almost 20 per cent, according to new 
research presented at the National Cancer Research
 Institute’s (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Liverpool.”
This is a new way of looking at the long-term impact of being
Unfit, overweight and stressed throughout a person’s life and
the link to developing cancer.
The study had around 300,000 participants, some of these ate
Donughts, some of them where sedentary, some of them where
Considered to be average.
“It found that men who went from a BMI of around 22 to 27 had
 a 50 per cent increased risk of developing obesity-related cancer 
compared to a man who stayed within a healthy weight range. 
And in men who went from being overweight to morbidly obese, 
the risk went up by 53 per cent compared to the same group”
“Women who went from a BMI of 23 to around 32, had a 17 per
 cent increased risk in comparison to women whose weight 
started off in the healthy bracket and remained stable.”
Being overweight or obese is the second biggest preventable
cause of cancer in the UK after smoking and contributes to
around 18,100 cases of cancer every year. It is linked to a range
of cancer types including bowel, breast, and pancreatic.
Sorry for the morbid blog, but if you don’t know
Your why..?
Why you should be fit and healthy..?
Then this blog is not for you, but if you want
To find out more about your why, get in touch.
Sean Cole
​Training Director