want to lose fat?

August 6th 2017


You want to LOSE FAT, get stronger, faster, and build muscle. So you keep training harder and harder.

The problem is that all these adaptations happen away from the gym.

I’ll explain.

When you train, you create a demand for your body to adapt to a stimulus, bringing about
improvements to make that exercise easier next time. Sure, these adaptations wouldn’t happen
without the exercise in the first place. But it is the recovery process that determines the speed and
magnitude of the adaptations.

What this means…

You need to train hard to create greater potential for adaptations to occur, but recover harder in
order to give your body the best chance to make the necessary changes.

So how do we do that…

Make sure your nutrition is supporting the process – Protein, vegetables, fats AND carbs.

Minimise stress.

Give your body enough time to recover between sessions.

Get enough sleep. 7+ Hours.

Periodise your training appropriately, and train optimally not maximally.

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Chris Bundell
​SC Vital Fitness

P.S – Athletes can train harder and more frequently than us general folk, for no reason other than the fact
they recover a lot harder.