Twerking with a skinny arse..

June 27th 2015


Twerking has made it’s way in to
the English dictionary…. a word that
has become the forefront of our mind
ever since miley cyrus attempted to 
twerk on stage….

You remember it…???
it was a pretty horrendous site..
her flat skinny arse trying to wobble,

the wobble was there, however the nice round
bum was NOT….. #truestory..

Why does such a slim popstar have a
flat arse..??

this can sometimes be the result of being a cardio
bunny, too much CV and not enough weights..

This will result in the body becoming skinny fat…

You may look good in a dress, but will look a 
little bit flaccid when your naked… #not good

The body is a great machine and will
produce a nice round butt, if you
weight train in the correct manner…

Get some load on the bar 65-75% of 1RM

rep range of 8-12
conduct glute bridges, squats, RDL’s etc…

These exercises will build muscle, the more
muscle you have, the more fat you burn
the more fat you burn, the rounder the arse..!

Don’t do a miley cyrus and waste
years of your life on just conducting CV…
….you need a mix of both to make
sure you stay fit and healthy….

Being strong and fit will give you 
a firm body….. and this goes for you too gents…

being flaccid and skinny fat, can happen to
everyone..! (Nobody wants a Dad Bod!!)​

Sean (Muscles from Brussels) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

Still pleased with the results

from our legends at this facility

proud coach…. 🙂​

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