TOP TIP – Free Programmes are SHIT!

April 16th 2015


…Ask yourself, is it worth your functionality to follow a FREE programme
that doesn’t take into account your weaknesses and strengths..??

Would you expect free beer in the pub and it to be any GOOD..!!??

(If you get this free BEER, let me know where it is, im in..!!!)

..If you undervalue a service, you also undervalue YOUR HEALTH..

(If you value GAINS, get yourself with a SMART Coach)

I want a coach – (Apply here!)

…Make sure this COACH tests you and records what you do,
as failure to do this will result in negative gains…!!


>> Should YOU have a Program without testing from YOUR coach..???<<

How should your coach help..??

…the coach should always start with needs analysis of YOUR goal, 
be it sport or a set date for your gains…

**…then most importantly a needs analysis of YOU…!**

What do i mean..???

If you look at this simple order sequence and you
perform well you can be hit with some great workouts…!! 

….If not, you YOU will be broken within a few months…

Not good for YOU or him/her..!


The COACH should then Perform various Test to see how YOU
are going to react and record the outcome for future tests…

**Aerobic capacity** (Dependent on sport/goal)

If they do well at this you can then be moved
onto SPORTS Specific drills..

Keep training with a clever attitude to the above and reap the rewards….

If not, ill see you in A & E…#truestory

Sean (Love a RANT) Cole
(AKA Fitness Dad)

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