They are always quick to point out your failings

May 7th 2015


Common comments from
people who are fuck nuts..

(Fuck nut – An idiot who loves him/herself)

1. “Look at that lad/girl in the gym, he/she is clueless”

2. “Look at that clown on the x-trainer, he/she is kidding herself

if he/she thinks that’s going to work..!”

3. “That lad needs to put some weight on the bar,

how weak is he considering he has lifting shoes..!! ha ha!”

Sound familiar..?

These are the type of comments that drive people

away from gym’s and are usually said by

keyboard warriors, bad trainers or the bro science brigade 

that frequent mobile phones whilst sitting on machines

in stringer vests and tracksuit bottoms… #truth

You have to know that there are always going

to be people

or bad trainers laughing

with their mates whilst trying

to belittle people who are trying

to better themselves in the gym or in life….

What do we do about it..?

This is how our trainers see it…

1. Lad/girl who is apparently clueless
(New joiner, we have all been there)

2. Person on the x-trainer
(May have an injury and is avoiding impact work)

3. The Lad who needed to add more weight to the bar
(May be on a de-load week and could be strong as an ox!)

Why am i telling you this..?

The lad who had to add weight to the bar was me

in 2009, i heard a couple of lads sniggering

at my lack of weight on the bar, considering i had 

weight lifting shoes on,

apparently i should be able to lift more..

“All the gear, no idea”

Apparently i had no idea what i was doing…
(It was a De-load week)

This was also the same year i won the world

deadlift championships, so maybe i had a slight idea what

i was doing … (if only i could see them now..! ha ha!)

So over to you…

Are you the one laughing or are you the
one encouraging and pushing people
along to their goal..?

Are you the one being laughed at..?

Are you new to the gym..?

Maybe it’s time to take stock and be the
encouraging one who helps not hinders…

Or find a coach who encourages and helps.. here..

Sean (love to lift) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..


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