The sign of a good Coach

April 2nd 2016



When mentoring, the coach is to consider the hierarchy of ‘basic human needs’, as it is also possible to relate to each stage in the theory to the way the athletes are coached to enable them to achieve an understanding of their full potential.  

​If the basic physical comforts can be achieved initially, building
blocks for learning will be in place and the learning process will begin. 

What we are trying to say, If there is a good bond between the coach and athlete,
the physical and mental demands that are placed on athletes’ can be done
with thought and consideration from the coach. 

When the athletes are then treated fairly, looked after properly and encouraged
to communicate with the coach and the other athletes within the team/gym
‘safety and shelter’ and ‘love and belonging’ needs are met. 

This effective communication is considered to be the key to a successful bond
with mentor and mentee, the better the communication skills, the higher the EI,
which will lead to better interaction of coach and athlete. 

If the coach then recognises the behavioural patterns of his athlete/client
to ascertain their feelings and consistently offers signs of support and praise,
the athletes self belief, self motivation and willingness to succeed will increase,
thus producing a more positive optimistic approach to challenges and the final
wo steps of the theory; the ‘self esteem’ and self-actualisation’ will be achieved.
From my personal experience a coach with a higher degree of EI has a greater ability
to attain a good relationship with their athlete, which in turn may help improve
athletic performance.  

This type of intelligence, is a great attribute that is learned through experience,
this coach who has learned this process of EI through life experience may have
a greater ability to gain trust and credibility with an athlete through the sessions
they deliver, which in turn leads the athlete into having faith in the coaching
philosophy adopted by the coach. 

If the theory of the hierarchy of ‘basic human needs’ is utilised and the athlete
is mentored correctly, the coach may also achieve better results, as the athlete
will work harder to achieve the goals set by the coach as their self worth and
​intrinsic motivation will be of a higher degree.

Sean Cole
Head Coach