the secret to staying strong.

March 15th 2017



So then, how do you come back from an injury..?
(and win the British champs)

This is something that i was asked, so i thought i would put something together on the journey of a strength athlete.. (Me)

​On the 21st December i had a knee operation and was out of action for 8 weeks (lifting any heavy weight)

This is when the injury rehabilitation journey started and my road to winning the title of British Powerlifting Champion 2017 begun..

The idea is simple, you just need to do what the Personal Trainer/rehab/physio tells you to do..

Work on the following principles:

**Mobility, stability, Strength, power, speed, athlete..**

If you work on these and stay loyal to the parameters i.e get mobile and stable before you work on strength, you will smash it..

Prior to the operation i conducted around 8 weeks of post operative strength and conditioning work, to make sure my body was ready to come back in the quickest time possible.

And this is how i did it…

I ensured that i conducted all movements through full range (that mobility allowed) and worked on the same principals we give to our clients to make sure they LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN MUSCLE….but more importantly they stay injury free, as this is the aim of all training, regardless of your aim in your head.

If you do it right, you will make minor changes on an almost daily basis to ensure that you are not going to far or sometimes you may need to change it up, as you may need to be pushed further.


​Sean Cole
Training Director
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