The SECRET to being fit OVER 40

June 4th 2019


You are here reading this because you have been duped.


Not by me, BUT by the fitness industry


It’s called click bait


The magazines and facebook ADS make you click with a promise.


You read the first few lines and they suck you in even more.


You then invest some money in your health and pay for the secret


After a few weeks, you say FUCK YOU fitness industry, I’m still FAT


Because you realise there is no damn SECRET.


At SC Vital Fitness we primarily work with over 40’s men and women and we love the drive and enthusiasm these guys/girls have whilst trying to make a difference to their health.


But you’re reading this because you thought there may be a secret


The thing is, there is (sort of…)


The biggest killer of men and women over 40 is not SMOKING or DRINKING (shock, horror!)


The biggest killer is INACTIVITY and the reason the fitness industry keeps this under wraps is that getting active is FREE.


However, what we have at SC Vital Fitness Personal Training is a safe, fun and rewarding environment to smash your activity out of the park.

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