The SECRET Tips you’ve been waiting for…

April 21st 2015


I know what your thinking…

we are just about to reveal a secret new

fitness/weight loss tip to revolutionise

YOUR training…!

I also know why YOU opened this e-mail..

the secret pill/workout we all need is just around

the corner and SC Vital Fitness (Fitness Dad)

is just about to reveal all…!!!


There isn’t one… (Sad face)

“You Just have to be comfortable being uncomfortable” 

That’s right, i took John (One of our members) for 

a session this morning, known as HURT LOCKER!

John knows he has to be pushed to achieve his aim

and BOY did he deliver….!!!

Due to John’s diligence, perseverance

and MINDSET … (Which was aweseome!)

he has also dropped just over 3% bodyfat and achieved

10 strict pull ups (his best was 1 pull up, 5 months ago!)

Again another member with a clear goal …

(who doesn’t mind being uncomfortable)

… who has achieved his fitness through basing it around
performance related results…

Sean (not a magician) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

P.S …Have you got the minerals/bollocks…!

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