The real reason you love to coach

November 28th 2016


So many of us get into coaching and try to master every move that we have been taught with regards fitness, programming, nutrition etc..

We teach the Squat, deadlift, press, clean, jerk, snatch, kettlebells etc..

We blow our clients mind with the science of fat loss and the bullshit of the shake diet..

We do all of this so we can pass on all the knowledge bombs to our clients, which in turn floods our EGO, because we make the clients know how clever we are..


There will come a point when you start to realise that it is not all about the angles of a deadlift, the depth in a squat or the manipulation of carbs around your clients post workout..

Yep i’m gonna get a bollicking for swearing again.. 🙂
**The client in front of you is a person, yet you struggle to remember their name, or what they told you last week..?

**The client in front of you is a person, yet you just give them grief when they don’t turn up for a session and never ask why..?

**The client in front of you is a person, yet you call them lazy, because they cant put in the same effort as your FAVOURITE client..

>>Coaching is all about finding what makes someone tick..

>>Coaching is not about flooding your client with information so they are confused with what to do in their next workout..

>>Coaching is not about giving you client shit if they don’t turn up, why not give them an ear to bend, their issue could be bigger than that fucked up workout you planned… .


Sean Cole
Training Director