the problem with weight loss

May 15th 2017



The Problem with weight loss

I know what you’re thinking, the problem with weight loss is that you’re not losing any. But that’s not it.

The problem is 99% percent of those reading an email about weight loss, will have goals that are unrelated to actually losing weight 

‘I want to tone up’, ‘I want to lose my muffin top’, ‘I want a six pack’, these are ALL body composition goals of reduced body fat and increased muscle mass. If you lose 5 kilos of fat, and gain 5 kilos of muscle the scales will stay exactly the same. 

You’ll have failed to lose weight, but your body composition will have improved and you will look better.

Therefore by measuring your success on a measurement that is irrelative to your goal makes no sense. Focussing on this weight loss measurement will come at the cost of important muscle mass and your sanity. 

Given that the more muscle mass you have the greater your energy expenditure will be, anyone who  focuses solely on losing weight in order to achieve a body composition goal is shooting themselves in the foot, and any so called advisors focusing on this measurement need to take a long hard look in the mirror (Yes that’s you slimming world). 

TOP TIP – Stop listening to the scales, or all the chubby women booing you in the community centre because you’re body weight has remained the same. 

Start measuring your progress by how you look by taking progress pictures, by how you feel, by a tape measure, or if you’re lucky enough to have access to one a consistent body fat analyser.

Coach Chris
SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

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