The life of a banana (game changer)

August 20th 2017



So the humble banana has been around for a long time…
But, it can often be seen as the enemy, well it can if you are on slimming world…
I over heard a conversation between a husband and wife all about the banana and how it is 4 syns.
But only if you mash it up..?
What the actual F**K!
Only if you mash it up, but it’s OK if you don’t mash it up.
Here is the problem…
How the hell are you suppose to eat the banana without mashing it up..?
I’m sure there are probably a few sex shows around that employs a lady called tricky vicky that can keep the syns at bay by swallowing the banana whole like she sucks a golf ball through a hose pipe.
But seriously this is BS…
The fact that it is called a SYN (SIN) rings alarm bells to me and makes my blood boil.
How can you call one of natures fruit (mashed up) a sin?
>>This is why we have so many people with problems, with regards eating good wholesome food.
>>This is why so many people bounce back from being slim to over weight.
>>This one of the many reasons why the obesity epidemic is at an all time high.
Food should not be called syns..! 


​Talk soon,
Sean Cole

P.S – Don’t get sucked into ruining your life by succumbing to the BS of the syns diet…It’s not healthy.
P.P.S – There is no evidence that anyone from the slimming world diet has kept the weight of for more than 5 years…why..?…

…there is no education about real food…if you continue to eat mugshots and whole bananas you are always gonna bounce back…