The future of YOUR gym training?

July 2nd 2020


That’s a bit over the top, don’t you think?

I’ve seen it on many forums and Facebook threads lately.

Usually when gyms start to tape areas for social distancing

“Fuck that, ill do what I want in my gym, that is too over the top!”

“We don’t need to be socially distant, we are fit and healthy.” etc…

“My members don’t care about social distancing!”

I get it, as a gym owner, you want everyone to get back in the gym, start up your business and you think it’s a bit over the top.

I don’t agree or disagree with other people’s opinions, but i do listen to my clients

So at SCVF, we decided the safest way to ensure the members could train outside was to put them into individual training PODS for outdoor training.

I was worried

Would they still feel part of the community we try to promote?

Would they still feel encouraged working out on their own?

Would they work hard enough, going at their own pace?


…..It was a resounding success and the members loved it!!!

Jim, who loves to get his heart rate up, worked for more rounds than Pete who needs more time on his knees than it takes Martin to change his shoes.

Carole feels safer having her own equipment, Jess loves the ease of booking her own sessions at a time that suits her and Martin is still changing his shoes in the corner.

So is it the future of gyms?

I believe so

Having a squat rack with 4 x people using it, works if everyone has the same ability or if you can space them out on various other accessory exercises whilst you coach (this is how we used to do it)

But and it’s a big but, if they have different capabilities, then it can be a nightmare for the coach and the other people (sometimes) who want to work at their own pace (slow or fast)

For me, if the feedback is positive towards single PODS at SCVF, not just for the members to feel safe, but for the members to get the best bang for buck out of their workouts…

… then the single training POD is here to stay for the foreseeable, especially in a personal training environment.

So, if you are a gym owner, specifically for personal training, then my suggestion is to look at it..

Here is one of the nine training PODS we have for our awesome members at SC Vital Fitness Personal Training