The bird in the bikini is stinking

May 2nd 2015



I just had to get something of my chest…

there is a lot on the news with regards a poster 

of a model promoting  a beach body for YOU

if you take their supplements…


The world and woman’s rights have got their

knickers in a twist on this one and seem to be trying 

to drag the company through the dirt… by saying this 

is wrong and a beautiful body is whatever you want it to be…


However, (There is always a however!)

if you put a stinking sweaty mess on the poster

with her hair all messed up and sweat dripping down her face

what would you think..???

would you buy the product knowing that it actually takes

hard work to achieve any type of  fitness level, strength
or body that you want..??

The majority of people would not be looking at a product that takes

hard work, …
…they are after the easy fix, the quick way to

the so called body beautiful (CROCK OF SHIT!)

Therefore the advertisers are playing on what, US

the majority of the general public want… A QUICK FIX…!

My thoughts are that the poster has highlighted to me that it takes hard

work and that products do not change the body, hard work does…


All the guys at this facility are told there is no secret formula

no secret ninja tricks

no quick fixes

just hard work that is fun and rewarding 🙂

So, If you want to work hard we are here…

Sean (Hard worker) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

How many times do we fall for the advertising

campaign or trainer that try’s to sell us a quick fix

and a promise that is unfounded…

i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..

Sean Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

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