The best supplement advice ever

June 19th 2017


You want to add 20kg to your total by the end of the year, or drop those last few pounds.

But your lifts don’t seem to be going anywhere, your love handles stick around, or you keep getting injured. So you look for the latest pre workout super strength vitamin made from the root of ackadingo tree in Peru, or start adding ridiculous exercises into your program because you saw some celebrity trainer do it on YouTube.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of taking a step forward to complicated, you should take a step back into simple, and ask yourself if you have all the basics covered. After all a supplement or crazy exercise variation are only going to help in small amounts if at all, whereas the basics will make up +90% of your success. Ask yourself?

  • Is your technique as good as it could be?
  • Are you following a structured training program?
  • Is your mobility and stability sufficient?
  • Is your stress managed?
  • Are you sleeping well?
  • Is your nutrition supporting your goal?

Do you truly know what you’re doing, or have you enlisted help of someone that does?

If you can honestly answer yes to all these, then you may need to think outside the box. If you’ve answered no to any of them, then get back in the box and master the basics, they are the foundations to success.


Chris Bundell
​Coach SC Vital Fitness

P.S – Lots of great advice to think about for your long term health, if you need any more questions, fire us an email over and we will do our best to answer them.