The Benefits of Weight Training For Pokemon Hunters and their Friends

July 20th 2016



It is not a new thought process that tells us that physical
activity and weight training have awesome health benefits
and history tells us that it has always been the case, even
before poekmon GO started!!

​The truth is that Pokemon GO has a lot to answer for and
has made more people get of their arse than most trainers
have in a long time…#truth

But on a serious note:

World leading sports scientists along with strength and conditioning
coaches have proved this to be right over many years and in review
of the latest science, it has also proven that regular exercise of
increased physical activity can do wonders to prevent injury and
supress certain lifestyle related diseases.  

At the top of the list weight training (resistance training) has been
shown as a requirement to ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons why you need to conduct supervised
weight training on a regular basis:

  • Increase in resting metabolic rate (you will turn into a fat burning machine)
  • Improvement in self- esteem and self-concept (confidence will soar!)
  • Increase in bone mineral density in specific sites that are trained

(Decreased chance of osteoporosis later on in life – women please take note)

  • Enhanced physical function in relation to activities of daily living

(Life becomes easier and productivity goes up in work and you may
even get more sexy time with the missus – aka pokemum!)

  • Increased sprinting speed to catch the latest pokemon
  • Slowing of sarcopenia and age- related factors in skeletal muscle

(you will get older quicker if you don’t weight train and maybe
​you won’t be interested in Pokemon!)

  • Better management and control of depression (no words needed)


Sean Cole
​Head Coach