The Anatomy of a good gym

August 3rd 2016


​We often wonder why we should pick a gym and what makes it different to all other gyms
The same as when we look at a lunch menu and wonder what will
make us fat versus what tastes really good, the dilemma is a nightmare..!!

Here are 5 things to consider

1. Identify their niche market with an emphasis on results-based-fitness.

2. Identify whether the gym is based on these results or just plain hard cash…
(conduct a trial at the gym and you will find out how it runs and how they
treat their paying clients.)

3. Define their expert status in a crowded marketplace. Lots of gyms/trainers
claim to be experts in their field, do some research and find out what this really
means, how long have they been coaching, what are the results, how many
people think they are awesome!

4. A gym that focuses on small group and semi-private training is a must for
anyone who wants/requires good coaching and attention to detail, overcrowded
classes with 1 coach per 30-40 people is pretty poor for any coaching to take place

5. Does the gym create successful systems and programs that bring about awesome results..?

6. Does the gym prioritise niche-specific consumer wants, YOUR needs
YOUR goals for inspirational workouts that really work?

If you can answer these questions positively, then you need to get
​your arse to that gym…!

Sean Cole
Head Coach