Sugary shit…

May 16th 2015


Sat having my afternoon coffee

outside cafe nero a bit alfresco (i know traitor!)

and was sat next to 3 girls and their kids..!


I love kids, however this little git was being a 

nightmare, destroying some signs as he told

everyone he was the hulk and HULK SMASHES!

I am all for kids having fun, however, if my son

was purposely smashing signs of the local

estate agent (he broke one) i would let him

know that it is wrong…. FACT!

Rant over…!

The conversation was one that i couldn’t help

hear and wonder how they got to their conclusion…

They where all drinking summer fruit smoothies

and commented that it wasn’t that sweet as it 

was all natural, with hardly any calories…

62 calories
14 grams of carbs (13 of which sugar)

I know what your thinking, it doesn’t seem that much..

These are the figures per 100ml,
the drink was around 400ml..!

multiply the above by 4 and you have your intake
from one drink..!

Be wise when you step out and eat out with friends,

sugar isn’t the enemy, your choice of when to have

the correct sugars is (post workout)..


Sean (Love a good coffee) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..

See you at the gym …. (See below)


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