Sugary Shit (Jamie Oliver)

September 12th 2015


You must have seen it..?
Jamie Oliver on Channel 4
with his documentary on how
sugar is the main cause of the obesity

I put a little statement (below) on fakebook that
seemed to attract the attention of the 
meal replacement shake sellers (fuckwits aka cult..!)

“Sugar is the biggest cause of obesity and type

Meal replacement shakes are full of
sugar… ‪#‎truth‬

Do the maths and stop being fleeced by
clueless idiots who sell them…‪#‎truthhurts‬

It amuses me that they want to defend
a product that is laden with sugar and
low grade protein, even after the evidence
is clear to see…

“Listen mate, stop with your
opinions, we all know that you’re
just worried about the competition..!”

“You are not my competition, the courses
we attend take longer than your afternoon
at a cult meeting, learning how to sell diet shakes..
Verus coaches who have spent an average of 15
years gaining qualifications and experience..”

You’re a prick..!

If you want my cum back, go check
your mums teeth … #standardcomeback

We love a good rant from a cult member
with no substance… ha ha!

Now i don’t want you all to think
that you need to ditch sugar completely,
You just need to know when to have it….

Look at your diet, if you are always
craving sugary shit and come out
with the “i’ve got a sweet tooth” comment
your diet is all wrong…

This just means you aren’t having enough
sugary (not sugary shit) in your diet..

If you use your glycogen stores (fuel in the muscles)
you need to put fuel back in….(Rice, sweet potato etc)

if you put in too much sugary shit and overflow
your fuel stores, it will lay as fat and you will
feel sluggish…#truth

>>>>And you will be on the road to 
type 2 diabetes ..

Here are some facts about type 2 diabetes
1. you are not born with it, it develops
over time from bad lifestyle choices
2. There are around 7000 amputations
per year from this disease..

My thoughts…?

The programme was trying to scare
everyone into having no sugar and 
it had many of the companies
who laden their products with sugar
shitting themselves due to the
report on how it is ruining lives…

I completely agree that sugar is a problem
however, you need it for recovery and
muscle building, therefore, don’t ditch it,
just be wise with it…

Sean Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

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