Sugary shit for breakfast

May 24th 2017


Do you want Sugary shit for breakfast?
A woman walks in for breakfast at a hotel, she wants breakfast.

A waitress asks her what she would like to eat..?

It goes like this..

Waitress – Would you like something of the menu..?

Woman – What do you have..?

Waitress – Bacon, egg, mackerel, sausages, etc

Woman – Is there anything a bit healthier..?

Waitress – we have some muffins and yoghurts that are reduced in fat.

Woman – oooohhh they sound great, I’ll have 1 of them with a yoghurt, I’m watching my figure


Let me get this straight, instead of some protein with a little bit of fat for breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer and help with body composition…

…You will have a reduced fat sugar laden breakfast with empty calories that will make you feel hungry so you snack mid-morning on more carbs (biscuits)..?

Knowledge bomb time..!! BOOM..!

Fat and protein keep you fuller for longer and will stop you snacking..

Carb (Sugar laden breakfasts) are processed at a much higher rate, making you hungrier sooner and more likely to snack on more sugary shit… (biscuits)

Fat does not make you fat, over eating makes you fat…so if you eat the right amount you won’t get fat….aaaarrrrrrggghhhh… Stop listening to the bullshit from slimming world and the media..


Sean Cole
Training Director
SC Vital Fitness

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