Strength Training for Runners, yes or no?

May 4th 2016



Many old school running coaches claim that running is the
be all and end all when it comes to fitness and weight training
has no place …. Why?

In their eyes, to be a better runner you need to improve your running
economy and the way to do this is to improve your
V02 Max (Oxygen uptake capacity)… Really??

What happens if your Vo2 max is high and you still don’t perform??

What if the amount of increased miles you have been prescribed
doesn’t increase your Vo2 max?

(Many top end runners have a similar Vo2 max, however
they don’t cross the line at the same time!!)

You may be thinking what do I need to do?
You need to improve your running economy … How?

A quick explanation of running ….

Running is essentially hip flexion, stance phase and forced hip extension.
During stance phase there is an increased amount of force
passing through the lower limbs (3-4 x bodyweight) with a
requirement to brace the spine and core region by at least 40-50%
the whole time… Hard work…

To improve running economy the body needs to be able to
withstand the force in the lower limbs,

decrease the ground contact of the feet and
increase the musculature activity around
bracing the core throughout the run ……

(the core is everything attached to the pelvis, not just the abs!)

Triple extension exercises conducted with resistance will help
to decrease the ground contact, as the feet will have less time
on the floor, however, they will push out the same force.

Sean Cole
Head Coach
SC Vital Fitness