Starvation Mode: Myth or reality?

July 14th 2019


Starvation mode: Myth or reality?

She/He said “I hardly eat a thing and I’ve put on weight”


I must be in starvation mode.. (facepalm)


I don’t mean to burst a few bubbles out there, but this is utter horseshit.


It comes down to the basic law of calories in v calories out


I know what your thinking, everybody says the same thing, but what does it actually mean?


Starvation mode is when your body has a major reduction in calories for an extended period and is called adaptive thermogenesis


The body adapts to the reduction and tries to conserve, therefore your calorie requirement lowers.


But, it does not stop weight loss indefinitely or let’s face it, all of those in prisoner of war camps would be overweight and they weren’t.


The fact of the matter is, that if you are not losing body fat, you are still eating too much


The Minnesota study proves this point:


36 men were put on a calorie restriction of 1560 calories per day and had to walk 22 miles per day


Guess what happened?


They all lost weight


The thing is, it kind off proved that starvation mode exists, because once they dropped bodyweight by up to 40% with 5% body fat, they couldn’t lose anymore!


So there you have it, if you want to convince your trainer or yourself that you are in starvation mode, get your body fat as low as possible and he/she may believe you…

(Don’t do this, it’s as stupid as it sounds!)