Sprinting mechanics for Field Sports.

April 2nd 2015



Sprint Mechanics in world class athletes – a new insight into the limits of human locomotion.
(Slawinski et al, 2015)

The above study devised a way of measuring the force application of elite sprinters with regards their running speed.

The study determined that top end elite runners are able to produce more force than sub elite runners when directing their force horizontally (The acceleration part of the race).

Therefore acceleration is a factor to sprinting dominance!!!
(unless you are usain bolt, he is a freak of nature!)

So, how can we use this study/information for a carry over to performance for field sports?

The quicker the acceleration, the more chance a rugby, football, hockey player will have of making a break, gaining a yard or bursting through an opposition’s defensive line….


To train this we need to stop thinking along the lines of putting the body through endless amounts of weight training, Olympic lifting, plyo’s etc….as our only modalities to increase speed in a team sports player..

As athletes, coaches, trainers, we need to try and look at sprint acceleration mechanics and teach ourselves or our athletes, how to accelerate more efficiently as this will allow for dominance on the field of play, as the first to the ball is usually the winner..

Sean Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)
Head Coach