So, you’re the guy who’s always sick?

September 1st 2019


So you’re the guy who’s sick?

“Nope, no not me, I feel fine…BUT”

I sleep well, but I always feel tired, I just need more sleep.

I drink at weekends and have the odd beer in the week, but I don’t suffer from hangovers, I must be OK.

I go to the gym, machine weights, cv, swim, sauna then beer, that’s good enough for me.

I eat healthily, but I don’t seem to lose weight, it must be my metabolism.

I would eat healthily, but when I do, I’m always hungry, fuck that!

I would play more with my kids, but I get out of breath.

I would do legs (squats) in my workout, but my knees hurt.

I don’t make progress, it must be my supplement stack, not what I eat.

I would do weights, but I don’t know what to do

Don’t be that guy…

The basics, done well and done often is all you need, fire me a question and ill do my best to answer anything…. Over to you…II