Smoking is NOT that BAD

July 8th 2019


This is a bit controversial… BUT it has to be said
BREAKING NEWS…OBESITY is worse than SMOKING when it comes to health-related disease and death
BREAKING NEWS… There are less smoke-related deaths and disease due to the move from smoking to vaping?

I agree OBESITY needs to be tackled but scaring people with statistics that are made to look worse due to the vape culture is not the way to get people to stop eating shit.
Education around healthy habit forming is the key, as scare tactics that have been used for years, haven’t worked.

But one thing that has made a difference is swapping one habit for the other, smoking for vaping… basically the same but different (i think both are DAFT!)

I don’t agree with SMOKING or GORGING with food , but if we can educate around simple habits to alleviate the stuffing of ones face, or chuffing on a FAG then we are on to a winner.

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