She has a nice set of Lungs..!

April 6th 2015



This is a statement from a someone (A TRAINER) i heard whilst having a quick coffee…

“The most important part of a conditioning workout is to thrash them 
and make their eyes bleed and so snot drips from their nose..!!””

Mate of trainer says – REALLY..??
“YEH, When you do that it releases a chemical
into the brain – blah blah blah…..!!
They then come back for more of the same…”

Mate of trainer – Don’t they get injured..??

“Sometimes, but ill just sit them on the bike for an hour
Its easy money…”

***Are you on CRACK…!!**
Why is it that so many trainers want to crucify there clients..??
Why can’t we take them on a journey of fitness with an end goal
and place some smaller goals on the way to keep them progressing..??

Progressive overload is the key.. if he/she overloads YOU  at every conditioning session
YOUR trainer is a CLOWN!! #truestory

******So, how and what conditioning sessions can
 take you to the next level…??**************

Try these for size: (Making YOUR lungs work!)

Cardiac power interval (HURT LOCKER!)
Use rower/watt bike for this
1. Work – 60 – 90 secs max Heart rate x 5 Reps x (3 mins break) 2 sets

2. Rest – Start next rep when HR drops to below 130

3. If you take longer than 2 mins to recover your HR, stop the session!!

Tempo Intervals
1. Conduct Watt bike/rower/run for 10 secs at max

2. Record distance and work of 70% of the distance for YOUR intervals.

3. 10-12 secs per rep

4. 60 secs rest

5. 5-15 reps per set

6. If you cant maintain 65-70% of the max distance. stop the session.

These sessions are not easy, however they are designed so the fitter you get
the more proficient YOUR workout is..

Sean (Hate Conditioning) Cole
(AKA Fitness Dad)